Top 3 Marketing Lessons Learnt from the Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has not been easy to adapt to, to say the least. People experienced the weirdness of it across all facets of their life; from taking a toll on their mental health to halting their education and changing their normal work life, covid-19 really did it all. Businesses changed their ways of operation to keep up with the ‘New Normal’ of the world. Almost 2 years of keeping the business’ running and thriving, here are the top 3 business marketing lessons we have learnt from the pandemic. 

From being just another important aspect of a business, marketing is now the heart and soul of any business. Ever since the world has made an enormous shift to the web (read: gone online), businesses rely heavily on marketing, and more so, on digital marketing. 

Understanding the gravity of marketing to businesses, especially during this pandemic, these marketing lessons are what have kept us and many others around the block going.
Check them out! 

  • Online Presence is the Key

It’s 2021, you gotta have an online standing already. We’d be damned if your business does not!

While the whole world is functioning online, this is where you need to invest a substantial amount of your business’ energies and resources; to make an online presence. In these challenging times, this is your only shot at keeping a strong connection with the world, and most importantly, your customers. 

You have got to have an eminent online standing for your clients to be able to find you! If you do exist where your clients exist in abundance, are you even doing your business right? 

Social Media forums i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most widely used platforms today to create your brand image online, and are the basics of Digital Marketing. If you already have not, now would be a great time to hire professional Social Media Marketers/ Managers to promote your business online.  

  • Lead With Empathy

It’s times like these when the whole world is suffering together, everyone is in dire need of empathy. Each one of your clients, potential clients and/or non-clients are suffering, and before everything, you hold a humanitarian relationship with them. Embrace It. Show it! 

It has been an exhausting year and a half, everybody could use some empathy. 

As a business functioning in the pandemic, empathy should be amongst your core business values. You need to reach out to your clients (make the digital marketing kick in here) like you understand their struggles, and show them, we are in it together. Having consolidating pop-ups on your website, sending out supportive email broadcasts are some ways of doing so. 

Moreover, mend your ways, if need be. Go back and revisit the 4 P’s of your business; Product, Price, Promotion & Placement, and align them in accordance with the interests of people today. 

Read the room and know what Product is that people need the most right now, what Price can they pay for it under compromised financial situations, which Place would suit them in the face of adverse restrictions and lockdowns and which Promotion strategy would be beneficial. 

  • Keep The Communication Stronger 

Staying tight with your clients amidst a pandemic, it is a struggle. Working remotely and not being able to meet clients face-to-face has naturally weakened communication, but you need to get on top of it. 

In times of social distancing, the world is now meeting on the web! Make sure you are doing so too. Familiarizing yourself with all these video calling apps, they are the new hangouts. 

Communication tools have largely reduced distances and helped enhance communication i.e Microsoft Teams, Slack, MeetUp, Zoom e.t.c. These video conferencing apps help you stay close to your clients. You can be as professional, and as transparent as your clients need you to be. 

Thoughtfully plan your online meetings and put in as much effort as you were putting in before the pandemic, even more so. You have got to leave an impact, know that! 

As much as we hate saying it, the virus is gonna stay around for a while. Make sure your business does too! Godspeed!

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