Big data

Big data services give assistance to companies maximize the data value and achieve business goals with big data analysis. TECHACCESS provided a range of big data services, including consulting, implementation, and support to help clients benefit from the big data environment.          


No matter how large or complicated your data might be,
if you are using the right technology in the right place, everything
can be well managed and properly assorted. Big data does
not only refer to the storage of data. This process
also largely involves:

Capturing of Data

Searching of Data

Sharing of Data

Transfering of Data

Analysis of Data

Visualization of Data

Big Data Consulting

Data management has always been an issue for companies, especially the ones concerned with big data. With extensive experience in the field, Techaccess provides solutions for big data architecture. Data retention and additional cushion which are best suited for the customer’s requirement.

Big Data Support

Once the plan is implemented, Techaccess ensure to provide 24 x 7 support service to ensure that services remain up and running. Techaccess Big data support Services includes software update, health checks of big data environment, troubleshooting and performance monitoring. Additional services of Data recovery, cleaning, and managing will be add-ons for each customer.

Big Data Analytics

Extracting and managing data from different sources is key requirement for the big data analytics. With Techaccess Big Data Analytics services, we will organize and analyze the data in the form of reports which will help the customer to implement new ideas based on the analysis and improve the growth of their business.


Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Hive, Apache NIFI, Apache Cassandra etc.

Hortonworks – Cloudera Big data Frameworks

Oracle Big Data solutions, Huawei Big Data solutions.

Oracle BI, Tableaus, Power BI (Reporting and analytics Tools)

Business Benefits

New ideas based on the analysis Business Growth.