Being a Symantec partner, Techaccess Pakistan has been providing prominent security solutions for years. Starting off with a Registered Partnership, today, owing to our expert technical delivery force and high level of customer satisfaction, we enjoy the enhanced benefits of being a Gold Partner of Symantec.

Our liaison with Symantec covers the availability of Security, Storage, System Management, Disaster Recovery, High Availability and Business Continuity Solutions to all Home users and Large Enterprises. Techaccess enables customers to enjoy the benefits of added more business value form certified technical force and experience of Solution Management.

Moreover, Techaccess enhances the data and storage management environment of enterprise customers through a variety of products and technologies of Symantec. Together, we simplify the management of backup and recovery tasks, ensure maximum data and application availability across multiple platforms, and also simplify the administration and management of heterogeneous environments.

By using Symantec products and technologies, Techaccess helps its customers to achieve their Business revival objectives by automating their backup and recovery, clustering their applications and data replication to complete the IT part of their business Continuity.

With Symantec, Techaccess also provides data protection that is scalable from the desktop to the data center, and is the benchmark for data backup and recovery in IT environments. Regardless of the type or size of the environment, we backup solutions, protect critical big data, simplify the management of data backup and recovery, provide consistent firewalls and reliable data protection.

Our clients can basically escape the hassle of duplication among separate products which wastes money, time, and effort, while eliminating the critical assets and information risks, attached with the gaps and uneven coverage.

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To serve our customers with right technologies and committed services.

  • Passionate For Technology: Advanced technical skills are always up-to-date and available

  • Rich Talent Pool: We work with hundreds of highly experienced professionals

  • Right Beside You: We are accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for the inquiries of our clients

Collaborative Services

Working with the IT industry’s biggest names, Techaccess brings forward tailored solutions that best serve the needs of our clients. Such prestigious collaborations liberate us to further empower businesses with the latest technologies and drive digital success to our clientele. We provide most upgraded business solutions such as:

Network & Networking Securitie

Industries Empowered

Techaccess Pakistan has years’ long experience of reintegrating powerful hardware and smart software into various sectors of the region. Working along with our partners, we have brought efficacy and sustainability to the digital footprints of many businesses. Working with technology leaders like such, we have empowered the following industries:

Financial Sector