Network Infrastructure is typically part of
the IT infrastructure, found in most enterprise
IT environments. The entire network
infrastructure is interconnected, and can be
used for internal communications, external
communications or both. A typical network
infrastructure includes:




Load Balancing


Techaccess Pakistan provides the enterprise network solutions with the use of most
comprehensive products and combinations in the entire industry. These products
include Ethernet switches and enterprise routers, as well as Wireless
Local Area Networks (WLANs), network security, and
network management. 

Techaccess Pakistan helps enterprises build integrated infrastructure network
platforms for campuses, branches, WAN interconnections, and data centers
by coordinating services such as network and security,
wired and wireless, computing, and storage.

TAP has partnered with industry leaders to deliver dynamic solutions that not
only improve the integrity of your network infrastructure, but ultimately
benefit your bottom line to give you the competitive
edge you need to succeed in today’s
fast-paced business world.

Your organization’s security policy is unarguably one of the most important documents that need
to be adhered to. In case of non-compliance, state regulations can intervene and severe
consequences may follow. To avoid any such circumstances, you need a strong
and well-built network that can withstand any cyber-attacks from within
the organization as well as from the outside.

The need for data protection has never been greater. With great technological advancements,
anyone with a computer and an internet connection can try and hack into your network
firewall and access sensitive data. To ensure you are always complying with all
relevant data protection regulations, the security of your network is an
absolute must and a priority for us.


The network administrator plays the key role in providing
access to any device in a network. If you do not have the proper
tools, unauthorized access may be gained from a remote
location and sensitive data may get modified,
misused or even deleted.

Thanks to our collaborative partners, we are able to offer assistance with stealth firewalls,
packet filtering firewalls, proxy firewalls along with many other intelligent software
solutions to provide businesses just the right amount of security to make their
network system immune to any potential threats.


Your security policy is not just any piece of paper. It holds great importance as
it defines how you will keep up to your commitment of protecting
sensitive customer data from any unauthorized access.

Techaccess Pakistan will take on all the challenges of your networking
system and come up with smart hardware and software solutions,
to provide complete protection from the top to the end.

Our experts have years of experience in installing, maintaining and overlooking firewalls,
antiviruses and other network security programs that can mitigate all threats
and provide you a secure network to communicate in.

We also specialize in remotely managing your network’s security.
To know more about our remotely managed services, Click Here.

Our services include the design, installation, support, training, and securing
of network systems. Technology is obviously a critical component of all
business and is on the leading edge of both equipment and
services to maximize the results for all of its clients.

At Techaccess Pakistan, We can help standardize and simplify your network
infrastructure to better support critical business needs and new
capabilities while with increasing security and reducing risk.