Our goal is To PRESENT our CLIENTS with SMART Solutions 


Techaccess Pakistan strives in stabilizing IT architectures by providing business with optimum level of support. Our ultimate goal is that every step taken is well-integrated and directed towards a smooth and swift business journey

the key to success is to start before you are ready


Our Values

” To Manifest Team-Effort, Commitment and Honesty in our Client Deals” 

 Since the company’s initiation, team-work, uprightness and commitment towards providing clients with Ethical Business Practices have been set forth as our core values, to effectively meet the mission and vision of the company. Our values, bring us together as The Techaccess Family.

Mr. Mahmood Azhar Jabbar

President & CEO

Mr. Mahmood Azhar Jabbar is the president & CEO of Techaccess Pakistan. He joined the Company as an Executive Director in 2000 and was mainly responsible for shaping the company’s initial policies and setting a defined and well-structured direction as a prominent stakeholder. In his role of an Executive Director, he was responsible to manage all day-to-day responsibilities of the organization and to provide the board with feedback on progress toward achieving goals for the strategic plan and the budget needed to fulfill the expected duties. Another important role was to serve as the face and public spokesperson for the organization.

Mr. Mahmood Jabbar holds a BA (Hons.) in Economics from the University of Punjab. He has a diversified experience spanning over Four (4) decades as a portfolio investor & entrepreneur acknowledging his needed insight to drive organizations to success. Besides Techaccess Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, Mr. Jabbar started up several companies as an entrepreneur, including Access Zone. He is on the Board of Directors for both local and international companies operating in several verticals including defense, trading, and technology with a sound grasp on the current economic situation of the region and a know-how about how businesses are striving to further strengthen the economy. Mr. Jabbar has also developed a strong professional network comprising Pakistan’s key leaders, from both Public and Private sectors.

Mr. Jabbar’s perception about Technology is that it should be an equalizing force, an enabler for everyone around the world. He has driven his company to success by showing empathy for his employees, securing the trust of the organization’s customers by providing service excellence, and collaborating with other entities to deliver innovative and value adding products and services.

Mr. Mahmood Azhar Jabbar believed in the power of ideas to change attitudes and structures and has proved to be visionary, focusing on quality in every aspect within his organization be it people, philosophy, systems, or applications.

Mr. Tariq Malik

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Tariq Malik is the Chief Technology Officer of Techaccess Pakistan. He joined the Company as a CTO in 2017 and is responsible for overseeing the development and dissemination of technology for external customers, vendors, and other clients to help improve and increase business. Tariq Malik is tasked with managing the technical aspects of Techaccess to ensure that they are in line with the company’s growth targets and managing the company’s technological plans. In his role of Chief Technology Officer, he is involved in developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources, evaluating, and implementing new systems and infrastructure in line with his personal vision i.e. “To contribute towards the resolution of pressing issues of society”.

Mr. Tariq Malik holds an Honors Degree in Applied and Information Science from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia and has a diversified experience spanning over 30 years. He had the honor of operating as Chief Technology Officer, Pakistan Army and brought about prominent changes, including an emulsion of business process re-engineering duly supported with fool proof security systems. Mr. Tariq was also an Independent Director of Askari Bank management board, where he chaired Board IT Committee and was member of Board Audit and Compliance Committee and participant / contributor on Board Risk Management Committee and performed Enterprise Security Assessments of several large regional Banks, Defense and Telco operators. He represented Global Enterprise Security Services Group that led MENA (Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan) Cyber Security Practice.

Prior to coming to Pakistan, he was at Sun Microsystems, where he provided services to regional telecom operators like EtiSalat, STC and financial institutions like NBAD, DIB, NBD, Riyadh Bank, HB AG Zurich etc. Mr. Malik is actively involved in FinTech services space for both local and international FSI sector and is Member of the Advisory Board of “Centre for Global and Strategic Studies”, “Institute for Policy Reforms” and others.

Mr. Tariq Malik strongly believes in the immersion of ICT for the benefit of society. Following a top-down approach; initiating at Government level, taking it to other public sector verticals and then to common man. Under his leadership qualities the company has strived many achievements including the revival of IT Advancement of Techaccess Pakistan.

MR. Amir Rauf Khan

Vice President Sales and Business Development

Mr. Amir Rauf Khan is the Vice President- Sales & Business Development of Techaccess Pakistan. He joined the Company as an Area Manager and was mainly responsible for setting sales targets, maximizing sales and profitability, providing team with a stimulating and supportive environment, maintaining, and increasing standards of customer service, driving team performance, and formulating fruitful business development strategies to ensure long-term success.

Mr. Amir holds a BCS from NCCS University and MSc in Statistics from Punjab University. He has an experience spanning over 25 years in the IT sector and is a strategy sales leader, known for his problem-solving skills, leadership, and determination qualities. Prior to joining Techaccess Pakistan, Mr. Amir worked as the Technical Manager for Novell Data System (NDS) for 6 years.

With his strong sales and business development skills, Mr. Khan also keeps a particular know-how of the latest enterprise-class technology to maintain healthy working relationships with all Techaccess Pakistan’s strategic alliance partners.

He joined Techaccess Pakistan back in 2000, on the very day of its inception. Along with others Mr. Amir Rauf Khan laid the foundations for Techaccess presence in Lahore and played a key role in developing Techaccess Pakistan’s strong footprint in the South as well.

MR. Mohammad Rehan

CFO & Company secretary

Mr. Mohammad Rehan is the General Manager- Commercial & Finance of Techaccess Pakistan. He joined the Company as a Senior Manager Commercial Compliance in 2014 and was mainly responsible in developing and overseeing control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines and internal policies, evaluating the efficiency of controls and improve them continuously. In his role of Senior Manager Compliance, he was tasked with conducting ongoing risk assessments and implement programmatic risk mitigation measures, manage client relationships, identifying opportunities for new contracts, analyze data and create reports to identify areas of business growth.

Mohammad Rehan holds MBA in Finance from Quaid -a- Azam University and an MS in Finance from Air University Islamabad. He has a diversified experience spanning over Seventeen (17) years of experience with a significant level of success in Administration, Supply Chain, Finance, Strategic Planning, Business Transformation and Change Management. He has an uncanny ability to connect the dots, identify business drivers, understand complex issues, take actions, and drive results.

Mr. Rehan’s leadership has expanded beyond the boundaries of a traditional Supply Chain & Financial Executive and has championed a plethora of strategic initiatives at the company which cumulatively exhibit a tremendous impact on the shareholder value and testify his gift of the Midas touch.

Mr. Mohammad Rehan has proven to be a cornerstone of Techaccess by offering an exceptional complement of financial management expertise combined with strong business acumen.

Mr. Muhammad Fazal Haq

Assistant Vice President Sales

Mr. Muhammad Fazal Haq is the Assistant Vice President Sales of Techaccess Pakistan. He joined the Company as a Sales Manager in 2000 and was responsible for managing organizational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue, and expense controls, meeting planned sales goals, setting individual sales targets with the sales team, tracking sales goals and reporting results, as necessary.

Mr. Fazal holds a master’s degree in economics from University of Punjab and has an experience stretched over 25 years of sales and management in telecom, public, defense, oil, and gas and FSI sectors. Mr. Fazal is highly valued for bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions and is a key member of the executive team that has successfully navigated through diverse challenges and brought the company immense success.

Mr. Haq has worked with a plethora of solutions including, BSS, ERP, CRM, Middleware, IT security and infrastructure for computer and storage, database, and database security, engineered systems sales and solutions, 7X24 SLA selling and management with resolution commitment and data center solution.

Muhammad Fazal Haq is one of the building members of Techaccess Pakistan being part of it since its inception in 2000. He is an adept problem solver and creator of the technical foundations and innovations on which thriving companies are built.

Mr. Muddasar Ali Shad

Assistant Vice President Enterprise Operations

Mr. Muddasar Ali Shad is one of the founding members of the Techaccess family and is currently working as an ambitious AVP Technical – Infrastructure, looking after countrywide enterprise services, 24x7hrs technical support operations and professional services delivery. Mr. Shad started as a Core IT Engineer (HW & SW) and Trainer by launching and teaching many advanced IT courses as well as diploma classes in KPK region under PCA (Pakistan Computer Academy).

Mr. Muddasar holds BS in Computer Sciences and MBA (Information Technology). Additionally, he has also achieved various professional, technical and management qualifications and certifications from leading IT vendors. He is an AMBCI and active member of the Business Continuity Institute, UK. He is known as the specialist for ICT Infrastructure Technologies and System Integration and has been serving the ICT Industry for over 25 years in both Technical and Management aspects. In 1998, he played a vital role in database development, integration, and results management portal of 27th National Games held in Peshawar as “In-charge Media Cell”, which was available online for the first time in the history of PSB. He developed the first prototype of National Database in Urdu language during 1999 for NADRA. In later years, he has been part of some mega nationwide projects for their IT Infrastructure setup and commissioning of major telecom operators and service providers like PakNet Internet Service Provider (subsidiary of PTCL), CyberNet, PerdNet, Paktel, Ufone/PTML, VFone, Telenor, Warid Telecom, defense related projects.

Mr. Mudassir has driven the company to success by securing the trust of the customers by providing service excellence. Under technical leadership, Techaccess has achieved some of the highest-level accreditations, awards, and distinctions from our principals like Sun Microsystems, Oracle Systems, Huawei Enterprise, IBM, Microsoft, etc. He has proved himself in the various assigned roles in different challenging projects, as Subject Matter Expert, Technical Solution Architect, Business Continuity Specialist, Services Delivery Management Expert, Project Management etc.

Mr. Azhar Jabbar

Director Business Development And Compliance

Mr. Muhammad Azhar Jabbar is the Director Business Development & Compliance of Techaccess Pakistan. He joined the Company as a Corporate Advisor in 2017 and was mainly responsible to effectively communicate the business strategic objectives with senior management to drive the business forward. In his role of Corporate Advisor, he was involved in developing business plans and procedures with a positive outcome as an innovator and knew the ins and outs of various financial structures, outsourcing opportunities, public communications, and competitive intelligence. 

Azhar Jabbar holds a BBA in Human Resource Management from University of Wollongong, Dubai. He has a diversified experience spanning over 17 years with various IT & Technology Services renowned Companies i.e., Resource Access, Interactive Convergence in the fields of Business Development, Strategic Development, Strategic & Operational Marketing as well as Customer Relationship activities, HR Administration, People Management, Teamwork, and Compliance. 

Mr. Muhammad Azhar Jabbar has proved to be the corner stone of Techaccess Pakistan. Under his leadership qualities the company has strived many achievements including the revival of Human Resource Department of Techaccess Pakistan.