How is Google Search Affecting Our Intelligence?

Over the years, the use of Google search engine has risen rapidly around the globe. The value of Google’s initial share price per share has increased from $85 to $2,755, as of today. This itself is a grave indication of how the human population today relies heavily on Google and its search engine. It’s only natural though, when something so facilitating is readily available, you become accustomed to it.

Consequently, the habit of Google-ing has affected the psychological development of our minds. The ease and the feasibility of Google has grabbed the attention of millions of regular users. The already existing bulk research, provided by Google search in an instant, has reduced the need for mental as well as physical exertion. For instance, when an information which an individual is seeking, becomes easily accessible on the Google search engine, it deeply affects that individual’s ability to critically think.

Amongst students, the ability to think on your own, being imaginative or creative has been impacted. When Google search provides everyone with everything, just a click away, it gradually takes away their capacity to “make”. Everything then becomes about copy pasting rather than pushing their mind to think and resultantly, to create. Hence, due to this, modern students lack the ability to research.

Moreover, the excessive use of the forum and the growing dependency on Google search has hampered originality as well. Meaning, people are not willing to put in efforts to make their work unique. It has negatively affected our intelligence such that, it is slowly taking away the ability to think, have our own perception of things and be innovative.

Similarly, it has also halted healthy discussions; the ability or the need to discuss things with others. When all kinds of information is available, it reduces the need for discussions. Which again, is highly important for mental growth and intelligence, as it promotes critical thinking, healthy arguments and mental growth. Healthy social gatherings which include productive discussions and resultantly develop the mind, also become restricted.

When everything is just a click away, it inhibits the need to seek knowledge or to learn. It certainly cripples the level of IQ, in the process of searching up. It is quite customary of every other person saying “Hey, come let’s Google it”, whenever they are presented with a query. When this ill habit affects wisdom and intelligence, at the same time it also affects memory of a person. The increasing dependency is effecting what our brains decide to retain and what not to.

Furthermore, one could argue it has also hindered the average confidence of Google search engine’s users. For example, anyone with the habit of using Google for each and every query, ends up questioning their own confidence even when they actually know the answer of a question, they decide to Google it, playing safe.

Interestingly, intelligence is also directly linked to health. Due to the addiction that Google search has caused, it has severely impacted not just our mental, but physical health as well. This has precisely affected our fitness levels, as being stuck to the virtual world is not healthy. Sitting on your bed and scrolling all day when you could be out on a jog, breathing fresh air, does not help, you see.

So, whilst there are many positives that google search provides to users in their daily hectic lives i.e. ease and feasibility, there are also major drawbacks that are deeply affecting the intelligence levels of us humans. Perhaps, using it in moderation could be an effective way, which continues technology and Google search benefiting us, but at the same time reduces the negative impact it has on our intelligence and health. 

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