Our Company

Our History

We are a family of hundreds of certified ICT professionals working towards our common goal; enhancing the IT infrastructure of Pakistan by implementing latest technology and providing top notch services. We are one of the leading systems integrators, working for almost two decades with the best technology leaders from around the world, we have now set our evident footprints in Cloud Technologies.

Techaccess Pakistan takes praise in having worked with the biggest names in Telecommunication, Government, Financial Services Industry, Education and Health sectors on some of the most innovative and challenging IT projects.

Our initiation back in 2000 might not be enormous, but with our clear vision, the efforts of our team of skilled professionals and sheer hard work over the years, Techaccess Pakistan emerged as the key player in the IT industry. We are now the IT world’s fat cat with multiple platinum partners and one of the largest clientele bases in the region.

Technology defines everything we do, and we focus on three major areas; Sustainability, Efficiency & Economy.

With the booming IT scope of Pakistan and an evident number of hardware and software solutions under our portfolio, we very worthily, help businesses elevate their efficiency. Our specialization includes, but is not limited to; system integration, end-to-end IT infrastructure enablement, network and information security, cloud management and services and more.

Slide “ To Become the Number One Secure Cloud Enabler. ” With our own Concept Centre and Cloud in place, we are currently serving the local Pakistan market by providing infrastructure services. We are also providing applications and software solutions to our enterprise customers, improving their efficiency at a reduced operational expenditure. Our team of professionals guide our customers in choosing the most appropriate technology and solution for their organizations, from our range of products available. Vision Slide “To Serve our Customers with the Right Technologies, Solutions & our Dedicated Services.” Satisfying customers has always been the core mission of TechAccess Pakistan. As our clients perform mission critical activities on a daily basis, it is essential for us to ensure efficiency in their system and infrastructure by providing optimum level of support. Thanks to our dedicated team of certified specialists, we have achieved our mission since our inception and aim to continue with the same zeal in the years to come. Mission Slide Techaccess Pakistan has a sustainable business reputation in the IT market due to our work culture and values that have been set forth to achieve our vision and mission. We hold these values quite dear to us, as they unite us all into a family: The Techaccess Family. Values