Being an Advance Partner of VMware Technologies, Techaccess Pakistan has end-to-end capabilities and strengths across domains like Datacenter virtualization, network Virtualization, Cloud Management and Automation, as well as Application Modernization. Techaccess is committed to bringing Enterprise solutions and services to customers through highly skilled and Certified Professionals in each domain.

VMware is a leading innovator in enterprise software, and offers digital solutions and experiences which enable organizations to deliver the best customer service and empower employees. VMware spans App Modernization, Cloud, Networking & Security and Digital Workspace.


VMware Enterprise Level Solution Designs & Deployments in Public and Private Sector (Software Define datacenter including network virtualization, High Availability with Fault torrent domains and Disaster recovery, Customer apps modernization using Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu)

VMware Enterprise Managed Services IT, IP, Private & Public including IESCO, ZTBL, OUCH Power, Telenor.

VMware Enterprise Support Services 24/7 in Public and Private


· Business Continuity

· Cloud Provider

· Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

· Management Automation

· Mobility Management

· Network Virtualization

· Server Virtualization

Techaccess can now demonstrate an extensive expertise in working with VMware technologies by earning the Infrastructure Virtualization Competency.

For more information please visit www.vmware.com

What is Network Virtualization?

Network Virtualization (NV) refers to abstracting network resources that were traditionally delivered in hardware to software. NV can combine multiple physical networks to one virtual, software-based network, or it can divide one physical network into separate, independent virtual networks. Network virtualization software allows network administrators to move virtual machines across different domains without reconfiguring the network. The software creates a network overlay that can run separate virtual network layers on top of the same physical network fabric.

Benefits of network virtualization

Organizing your virtual network can be relatively easy, and immediately increase network efficiency. Network virtualization helps organizations achieve major advances in speed, agility, and security by automating and simplifying many of the processes that go into running a data center network and managing networking and security in the cloud. Here are some of the key benefits of network virtualization:

· Reduce network provisioning time from weeks to minutes

· Achieve greater operational efficiency by automating manual processes

· Place and move workloads independently of physical topology

· Improve network security within the data center

SD-WAN is the application of software based network technologies that virtualize WAN connections to deliver high-performance, reliable branch access across clouds and apps.


To serve our customers with right technologies and committed services.

  • Passionate For Technology: Advanced technical skills are always up-to-date and available

  • Rich Talent Pool: We work with hundreds of highly experienced professionals

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Collaborative Services

Techaccess Pakistan works with the IT world’s biggest names to offer it’s tailored solutions that best serve the needs of its clients. Collaborations like these allow us to strengthen  businesses with the biggest companies, driving our latest technologies and products to them. Together, we work to offer business solutions such as:

Network & Networking Securities

Industries Empowered

For over a decade, we have reintegrated powerful hardware and smart software into various sectors of the region. Working with our partners, we have helped many businesses maintain their agility, efficiency and sustainability. Collaborating with such technology leaders, we have empowered the following top industries:

Financial Sector