The world of IT never stops growing. It wasn’t long ago when film storage converted to floppy disk drives, which later took the shape of portable hard drives.



Gone are the days when you would have to plug in flash drives into the USB port; everything is accessed over the internet now. With all your data needs being met at just one click round-the-clock anywhere you go, your digital future is surely in safe hands. Now you can store all the data you will ever have without the need to take any hardware along.


Managed Cloud services, leveraging enterprise-class technology to guarantee high availability, performance, scalability and security

Techaccess offers Public, Private and Managed Cloud services, leveraging enterprise-class technology to guarantee high availability, performance and security. The services are offered in customizable, cost-effective models
that are easy to deploy and use. The breadth of Techaccess’s expertise in end-to-end IT services makes Techaccess the ideal partner to manage the full spectrum of the IT needs of all organizations, across sector and scale.


We at Techaccess Pakistan are proud to share more than a decade worth of success stories centered at:

    • Cloud setup,
      Cloud implementation,
      Cloud optimization, and
      Cloud maintenance

With multiple accesses and live editing to the same data being made, your costs go down, efficiency goes up and profitability reaches the next level. It’s time for you optimize business agility and meet communication challenges cost-effectively.


Techaccess Pakistan has a history of providing smart technological solutions that effectively take on the challenges of any IT work culture. Investors all around the globe have started to realize the potential that Cloud holds for future growth and agility. It’s time you think holistically and make technological enhancements that will matter in the future.

Let us bring you the very best of Cloud and build your technology footprint more effectively. We have the partnerships of some of the largest names in technology that provide us access to all the latest technology needed to setup, implement, optimize and maintain Cloud


CIOs today are realizing that the only way forward is with a sounder Cloud strategy. If you too are facing trouble with running an effective Cloud system in place, we can help. We can provide the technology to easily take on all your IT work culture challenges and satisfy all needs.

With the help of our alliances, we create a Cloud setup from the ground up that is tailored to match all your data storage needs.


The technologies that we use are only the best. You want to reduce communication barriers between you and your customers – we can help. You would also need to handle client complaints faster; let us weave your Cloud space the right way.

Our years of experience working with the best Cloud technologies enables us to devise smarter strategic blueprints and provide uncompromised support round the clock.

Industries Empowered

Techaccess Pakistan reintegrates powerful hardware and smart software into various sectors of the region. Working along with our partners, we have strengthened many businesses and brought agility, efficiency and sustainability to their digital footprints. Working alongside technology leaders like these, we empowered the following industries:


Financial-Services Industry