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You might have set business goals for the coming ten years or even more, but what about the threats that stand in the way? Techaccess understands how important it is for you to continue successfully in the foreseeable future, and our strategies are all that you need.

At Techaccess, we have a five-step analogy to successful Business Continuity Planning:

Analysis: to analyze all possible threats and set targets
Architecture: to ensure our solutions match your needs
Implementation: jumping in action and eliminating threats
Testing: calculating effectiveness over time
Maintenance: empowering businesses for the long-term

We don’t just count external threats, we also deal with internal threats for the better. Our experts have as much as 25 years of vast experience working in the IT sector. With their sound knowledge, your business threats [software-based or hardware-based] are mitigated while you can work towards long-term goals and continue doing business.


Whatever the reason, loss of data has severe consequences on a business. With cyber-threats constantly on the rise, any loss of data can also put the survival of an organization on the line. We are here to help you in any case of emergency for professional data recovery assistance.

Our certified software experts have recovered data from the most distorted files and severely damaged storage mediums. We have the latest tools backed by an award-winning data recovery strategy that will ensure success all the way.

Be it malicious malware, a professional hacker trying to gain unauthorized access or an erroneous bug spread wide inside your system, we are here to help you recover all your files in the most comprehensive manner.Our experts use the latest technology coming from technology leaders from around the globe to recover any loss of your important files and bring your systems back on line.

Our data recovery services include:

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Industries Empowered

Techaccess Pakistan reintegrates powerful hardware and smart software into various sectors of the region. Working along with our partners, we have strengthened many businesses and brought agility, efficiency and sustainability to their digital footprints. Working alongside technology leaders like these, we empowered the following industries:


Financial-Services Industry