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The server consulting services offered by Techaccess Pakistan provide your IT infrastructure with high performance, reliability, connectivity and scalability for mission critical workloads.


IT infrastructure of Pakistan through implementation of latest technology and provision of top class services. Having worked for almost two decades with the best technology leaders (Oracle, Huawei, and IBM) across the globe, from being one of the leading systems integrators.


Server Infrastructure


Growing businesses need a solution that supports changing demands. We can work with you to develop a strategy that will help you achieve optimal performance, availability, efficiency and business value of your investment.


Servers & desktops

Server Virtualization

Disaster recovery & planning


What it can do for your business?


Techaccess solutions provide a diverse portfolio of solutions that enable you to evaluate, plan, and design a more consolidated, flexible, and robust IT environment. It helps you to deploy, migrate and optimize your IT infrastructure so your business can respond quickly to market changes now and in the future. Our solutions enable your organization to manage latest technological advancements





Oracle SPARC Servers

Oracle X86 Servers

Oracle Engineered Systems


Huawei Blade Servers

Huawei Rack Servers


IBM X86 Servers

IBM Power series Servers

IBM Blade Center


Hitachi Blade Serves