Techaccess Pakistan provides your businesses vulnerability services and penetration testing to identify any security gaps and assess the damages caused.

Vulnerability Services

We provide a detailed report outlining potential vulnerabilities
such as security holes, patch levels, router configuration issues, and
other potential problems within firewalls, networks and applications.
The report also includes proven and trusted recommendations
and strategies to close any identified security gaps from
our analysis. This report is limited to port scanning
and intelligence gathering only.


Penetration Testing

We deliver a more in-depth test that identifies how deep the
vulnerabilities may go and determines whether the vulnerabilities
are viable and, if so, the level of threat they post to your company’s network,
also widely known as White and Black box penetration testing. Identifying the
vulnerability is the first prevention mechanism before recommendations
can be made on how to plug the holes. This assessment can also be
performed on wireless networks, data, and social engineering
(both physical and remote). Social engineering penetration
testing covers aspects such as mail phishing, email
malware and employee manipulation.

Security Services

You entrust, we PROVIDE.

Remotely Managed Services

Why increase costs with having tools to manage day-to-day
management operations when you can outsource them? Organizations
today have largely adopted managed and remotely managed assistance
in their work culture for smoother handling of operations. With the
management of the IT function being outsourced, businesses
enjoy lots of benefits, such as the following,
among many others

Faster Decision Making
Increased participation from the team
Continuous flow of up-to-date technological knowledge
Presentation, adoption and implementation of better ideas


Techaccess Pakistan has years of experience in providing dedicated managed
and remote-managed assistance. We have worked with some of the
region’s most successful business corporations as well as
public sector entities to bring them the best of IT.

Our certified experts can offer you solutions to install, operate, manage and
maintain your entire network system and the applications. We have worked
with some of the biggest names in the corporate sector of the region.
Till date, we are proudly providing them our remote assistance
and have helped them save millions of dollars each year.