Strategic Business Planning (SBP)

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Strategic Business Planning (SBP)

Senior management would provide the guidelines and it will be a joint responsibility of Sales and Business Units (BUs) teams to prepare and present the plan for approval.

Sales for Customer’s business and Business Units for Principal’s business are responsible to conduct this exercise together.

SBP is usually done once a year, to set the annual targets. Though, management has the discretion to call it anytime during the year to re-adjust or redefine the targets.

Key Activities

Teams (Responsible)

Expected Out put



 (Client) Business Plan

Sales Teams (all Regions) / VP Sales

  • Top 5 regional key accounts detailed account plan.
  • A summary sheet of named accounts business potential for the year, distributed equally in four quarters of the year.
Slides presentation along with document to be submitted with management, finance and strategy/compliance departments.(both teams will present their separate documents / plans)


 Business Planning

Business Units Teams / VP Technology

  • Direct (TAP led) sales targets
  • Indirect (Principal led) sales targets
  • Total Business Units financial and technical targets to sustain or grow in principalships.

Frequency of above activity: Once a year.

Target dates of above activity:by June 15 for coming FY