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This document is prepared to streamline the communication between the sales and pre-sales(technologies) departments.  This defines the process to be followed for every communication related with a sales scenario.

Broadly speaking, there are four stages of sales process, i.e.

  1. Strategic Business Plan – at this level annual plans are created, to set the business targets etc.
  2. Sales Process Execution – it encompasses all the activities related to the sales-cycle.
  3. Team Development –team development and team building is essential to support the overall business.
  4. Pipeline / Forecast Management –at this stage the reviews are conducted on regular intervals.

Techaccess is a customer focused organization, which puts customer interaction and communication on priority in order to achieve its organizational objectives. At TAP we believe in win, win situation and treat our customer as our principals.

This approach is also prominent in our quality policy i.e. “To achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our  


And same we have adopted in our   

“sales & communication policy”

Techaccess, being a sales and commercial organization has its communication needs revolving around customer. Thus, a customer centric approach needs sales processes being supported by multiple departments to have the needed leverage in increasingly competitive business environment.


sales and business communication policy
  is revolving around ‘customer’ needs, and which is the basis of our
sales processes