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Pipeline / Forecast Management

Pipeline / forecast review is a very important exercise and TAP management wants to do it on regular basis as a tool to increase interactions between relevant teams and take timely decisions and actions to increase the win rate of the company.

Key Activities

Teams (Responsible)

Expected Output



Forecast review

Regional Sales Team

(Regional Sales Manager / VP Sales)

  • Review of =>70% opportunities
  • Actions plan
  • Action Plan


  • Regional Sales teams
  • COO
  • VP Sales
  • VP Technologies
  • Product Teams
  • Other teams on need basis

BUs Review

Business Units Teams

(Respective BM / VP Technology)

  • Regional Product sales
  • Action Plan

Frequency of above activities:

  • Twice a month (Alternate Thursdays i.e. first and last Thursday of the month)
  • Quarterly review:10th of first month of a new quarter to review the last quarter performance for both Sales / Business Units business based on “Actual vs. Projected”.
  • Submit the copy of sheet to Compliance/Strategy dept. for review and further submission to management.