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E: Principal Facing Communication

Following are the main points of the policy:

  • Principal Engagements should go to principals from relevant product manager(s). Since all key principals are assigned a product manager, (in case not assigned VP technologies will nominate the person from his team for such correspondence / assignments)
  • All pricing sheets (prepared by products / pre-sales) shall have standard reference numbersĀ (use the SFID number in your specific opportunity correspondence).


  • All correspondence with principals should be copied to respective product managers. These may be letters, mails, etc. In case of his (product manager) none-availability he should be copied on all such correspondence.
  • Product Managers are responsible for business communication and relationships with Techaccess principals. They are to ensure that proper communication is maintained at all times and relevant teams are kept in the loop.


  • Sales team must keep in contact with principals sales teams (keeping product managers in loop) as principal sales teams usually are very active with customers too.

Responsibility Matrix: