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We are a family of 200 certified IT professionals on the same mission – bringing the latest technology to the region. Having worked for over 14 years with the best technology leaders from around the globe, we are now a leading systems integrator providing end-to-end IT services under our umbrella. Techaccess Pakistan has worked with some of the biggest names in telecom, government, FSI, education and various other sectors on some of the most challenging IT projects.

Our beginning in the year 2000 may have started out small, but with the help of excellent leadership, a clear vision and uncompromised hard work, Techaccess Pakistan now has over 15 platinum business partners and one of the largest clientele base in the region.


Technology defines everything we do and we focus on three major areas. These are:

1. Sustainability,
2. Efficiency, and
3. Economy


With a large number of hardware and software solutions under our umbrella, we can help businesses elevate their efficiency levels. We specialize in systems integration, end-to-end IT infrastructure enablement, cloud management and many other spectrums.

Our services are classified under three major verticals. These are:

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the latest technology to the region. We have the core competencies, the skills and the solutions needed to provide the perfect IT environment to our clients.

In 2000, when our President and CEO, Mr. Syed Iqtedar Zaidi laid the foundations of Techaccess Pakistan, we all vowed to make it an organization full of opportunities for the youth. Continuing this very tradition, Techaccess Pakistan has some of the youngest certified IT specialists working on probably the most challenging IT projects of Pakistan, Middle East and Africa.

We continue to strive and grow this family and introduce new threads that bind us with new possibilities. Today, we are a family of more than 200 IT professionals having decades of experience in everything we do.

Our Mission

With such a diversified portfolio, Techaccess Pakistan aims to deliver state-of-the-art technological solutions that bring out the best possible business outcomes. Our target has always been a happier client base. We do this through a well brewed mission strategy, which covers:

1. The best fusion of latest technology, and 

2. Dedicated support to the customer


Techaccess Pakistan has operated with this very mission for the past 15 years and look forward to doing the same for another 15. Thanks to our certified IT experts, we are always able to devise the best IT strategy, implement it using the best technology and then maintain our standard by providing dedicated support on which our clients can always count on.

Our Values

Techaccess Pakistan has an extensive set of values which we have always prioritized when it comes to empowering businesses. Our values speak for everything that we do and have brought the Techaccess Pakistan family a long way. 

1. Integrity and Honesty

We believe nothing can be achieved without honest teamwork. Our values reflect dedicated support to each other and creating a work environment having optimal transparency. With each team member being honest and working with complete integrity, Techaccess Pakistan has ensured its long-term success over the years. 

Today, Techaccess Pakistan has some of the most experienced, talented and promising individuals belonging to the IT sector. We don’t just focus on technology to get things done; our honesty towards each other and towards our clients has also helped us build on lasting relationships. 

2. Responsibility

Each member of our family believes in accepting challenges and taking complete responsibility for smoother running of operations. A collaborative work nature has brought us this far, and we believe it will continue helping us in leaping forward. 

Techaccess Pakistan believes it has a responsibility to keep in consideration the views of all its stakeholders. We always take in account social costs and benefits and how each action might impact the rest of the community. 

3. Mutual trust and respect for each other’s freedom

Freedom at work is probably the most important component of our work culture. We enjoy complete flexibility at work and do things with mutual trust. We place confidence in each other and this brings each member of the Techaccess family closer. Each one of us respect the freedom of others and displays professional conduct for long-term success. 

This sense of mutual trust within our team has also helped us create professional bonds that have lasted for years. We do not just work together; each member of the Techaccess family tries to create relationships that collectively win over client trust. 

4. Creativity

Working differently and innovatively has always been one of our key success factors. While we do work lots – it also involves a fine blend of interactivity with the rest of the team members, team participation and mutual comprehension. 

Here at Techaccess Pakistan, we are not running the usual 9 to 5 tiring weekdays. It is always about keeping each team member at comfort and using the most creative ideas to get things done in an effective manner each time. 

5. Positive Attitude

We have never said no to challenges, no matter how big they might have been. Techaccess Pakistan has a history of taking some of the largest and most challenging IT projects of the region to date. 

A proven 15-year record shows how we won over clients by offering cooperative work nature and an understanding client support around the clock. We do not talk for ourselves – our success stories are available to prove how a positive attitude of each team member has helped us in completing projects successfully and winning over complete client trust.

Reasons to Choose Us

Experience as a Company
Strong core, with decades of profound and quantifiable experience, shred over multiple arrays of diversified technologies, standing together to cater, enable and empower, at very least, your each and every IT need. 
Knowledge and Expertise
Over 200 Knowledge thrived IT professionals, ever and on going through what’s essential and relative to today and tomorrow, fit to serve, troubleshoot and implement, what is every IT company’s dream, everyday.
Project Delivery
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Our History

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