Internet Of Things

As per the current trend, the interconnected
devices will consist of almost 50
billion objects by 2021 – 2022.

Internet of Things is the internetworking of physical devices including vehicles,
buildings, houses, security gates and other devices with electronics,
software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity that
enables objects to collect and exchange data. Based
on the principle of Machines-to-Machine
interfacing, IoT is the future
of technology.

Techaccess Pakistan offers multiple IoT relevant applications over its clouds
that can be easily connected to the sensor enabled devices through
communication via reliable and secure network.

Our team of experts study and analyse the devices to be interacted with, along with
identification of the source, design and install sensors and interconnect them over a secure
network. The customers can utilise the information for predictive analysis and decision
making, based on the big data available through the M2M interfacing.