The ultimate goal of the telecom industry is to bring the conveyor and the listener closer. With live video conferences being held on the go, fully established teleworking stations operating worldwide and streams of data being shared at the touch of a button; opportunity can knock your door any second. Be it cutting-edge digital innovation, telecommunication consulting, strategizing possibilities or even infrastructure management, our assistance always results in happier customers, lasting relationships and improved brand reputation.

The services that we have provided to the telecom sector include:

1. Storage Area Network [SAN] solutions,
2. Server consolidation,
3. Managed and remotely managed IT solutions,
4. Complete Active Directory Rights Management Services [RMS],
5. Customer Relationship Management Software [CRMS] solutions,
6. End-to-end Database solutions, including database migration, integration and consolidation, and
7. Value added IT infrastructure management solutions such as operating systems management and Distributed Resource Schedulers [DRS] installation