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Mahmood Azhar Jabbar (President & CEO)

Mr. Mahmood Azhar Jabbar is the president & CEO of Techaccess Pakistan. He became part of the Company as an Executive Director since 2000.

After shaping the company’s policies and providing it a defined and well-structured direction as a prominent stakeholder, Mr. Jabbar became the company’s President & CEO on 1 January 2015.

He completed his Bachelors of Arts (Hons.) from the University of Punjab in 1974, specializing in Economics. Mr. Jabbar has a sound grasp on the current economic situation of the region and how businesses are striving to strengthen the economy further. Furthermore, Mr. Jabbar has also developed a strong professional network consisting of key leaders belonging to the Public as well as the Private sector of Pakistan.

After graduation, he become a portfolio investor and entrepreneur knowing he had the needed insight to drive organizations to success. Besides Techaccess Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, Mr. Jabbar has two more organizations for which he is playing a crucial central role. He is serving as President & CEO for Resource Access (Pvt.) Ltd., a successful training and recruiting organization. Mr. Jabbar also serves as Managing Director for Access Zone, an organization specializing in the trade of aviation equipment.

Khawaja Mushtaq Ahmed (Chief Financial Officer)

Mr. Khawaja Mushtaq Ahmed is the Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary at Techaccess Pakistan. He has a diversified professional experience of more than 20 years. His experience covers various professional segments, giving him ample knowledge of Audit and Accounting, Finance and Costing, Analytical Reviews, ERP/MIS, Budgeting, Credit Control and Project Evaluation, Taxation, and Corporate Secretarial Affairs

Before joining Techaccess Pakistan, Mr. Khawaja Mushtaq was engaged with Rawal Group of Companies as Group Chief Financial Officer. Previously, he held a number of executive positions for renowned organizations operating in the Energy, F.M.C.G., Breweries, Audit and Transportation industries.

Mr. Khawaja Mushtaq Ahmed is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (I.C.A.P.). He is also a Fellow Member of the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan (I.C.S.P.).

Amir Rauf Khan (Vice President Sales and Business Development)

Working as the Vice President, Mr. Amir looks after the Business Development and Sales functions of the company. He is an enthusiast who has led Techaccess Pakistan to victory on countless occasions.

Mr. Amir carries years of experience working in the IT sector and is a strategy sales leader who is renowned for his problem-solving skills, leadership and determination.

While he has strong sales and business development skills, Mr. Amir also keeps a keen know-how of the latest enterprise-class technology to maintain healthy working relationships with all of Techaccess Pakistan’s strategic alliance partners.

Prior to joining Techaccess Pakistan, Mr. Amir worked as the Technical Manager for Novell Data System (NDS) for 6 years. He joined Techaccess Pakistan in 2000, on the day of its inception. He along with others laid the foundations for our presence in Lahore and played a key role in developing Techaccess Pakistan’s strong footprint in South as well.