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Cisco Systems, the leading vendor in the network world became a Techaccess partner in January, 2008. Since then, we have come to be one of the Premier partners with Cisco.

Committed to deliver the best services and customer satisfaction in the growing network industry of Pakistan, our main focus is to provide sales of Cisco products as well as network infrastructure design & planning, using the best-effort network models defined by Cisco network designs.

With this companionship between Techaccess and Cisco Systems, our customers can now maximize the power of their network and optimize branch services on a single platform that delivers a superior user experience with a lower total cost of ownership.

A comprehensive portfolio of our joint offerings include Cisco routers, that help build a resilient foundation for business success by creating a more intelligent, responsive, and integrated network based on adaptive and agile technologies, Storage networking, that establishes a platform for IT departments to achieve lower total cost of ownership (TCO), enhanced resilience, and greater business dexterity, Network management tools, that help automate, simplify, and integrate business network to reduce operational costs and improve productivity, and much more.

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Collaborative Services

Partnered with the best helps us deliver the best of IT to our clients. In collaboration we are provide the following services

Industries Empowered

We managed to pull out a lot of success stories since our inception in 2000. Here are a few industries that we have empowered with our partner: