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“I find it a great honor to be a part of Techaccess Pakistan and managing one of the most talented pools of the region. We at Techaccess Pakistan believe that company success is highly dependent upon the human capital. If the employees do not bond well and form a team, success can not be guaranteed.

Techaccess Pakistan is an organization that is fully committed to equipping its manpower with the best skills and latest technical competencies. We aim at providing a work environment that does not just provide them a chance to work on multi-million hi-tech projects but also serves as a platform for them to grow and develop themselves into experienced professionals.
Techaccess Pakistan has embedded some best practices into its work nature. We strongly believe that work ethics can guarantee long-term collaborated business success and that’s why nourish our norms, beliefs and values using ethical practices that truly reflect who we are.

While the work efficiency needs to be brought up, we also need to balance the quality of work done to maintain healthier employer-employee bonding at Techaccess Pakistan. That’s the ultimate goal of the HR department, in my view; to create professional bonds that take the employer and employee ahead at the same pace.

The HR function at Techaccess Pakistan is committed to providing and maintaining a workplace environment that promotes professional family-like work culture. While all the employees enjoy great flexibility at work, we also work hard and with great zeal to overcome challenges as a team. This family-like work culture has helped us turn challenges into great success stories over the years, and I hope that this continues to be the case.

The leadership along with the HR department has always aimed at encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and promoting workplace creativity. We believe that team participation can stimulate best thinking and help the organization achieve great efficiency.

Techaccess Pakistan’s HR department hires the best talent through a well-defined hiring process. We conduct psychometric assessment and analyze the professional knowledge of each individual during the shortlisting and interview phases.

I wish all the best to all those who are looking forward to become a part of this professional family one day. We aim at making Techaccess Pakistan a great place to work, grow and become successful professionals.”

Naveed Ishtiaq,

Senior Manager HR