Attendance & Leave

Techaccess Pakistan offers a smart Attendance & Leave Management
for workers’ company wide. The software is observed to play an
integral role in helping Human Resources departments
navigate intensifying competition in labor markets,
in evolving rules and regulations and all the
while also controlling extra costs.

Attendance & leave management is a vital part of any business’
Human Resources strategy. The money that you may invest in this type
of software can help you in reducing the impact of absences on
scheduling, record keeping, and the cost of compliance.

Our software also helps businesses maintain productivity in the
absence of workers. By facilitating the employee time-off requests, manager
approval and tracking, the right management tool will help you supervise and oversee
the time-off policies and other procedures.

Read our detailed software overview and buyer’s guide.
We hope you find the right Attendance & Leave management
system here that will help keep all your work operations running
smoothly, all in accordance with leave regulations and also
while respecting and prioritizing your
employees’ well-being.