Techaccess unveils Exadata V2 in Pakistan

Description: Techaccess hosted the first event to unveil the Exadata V2 in Islamabad on December 16th 2009. It is a joint product of Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation, known as “database-machine.” Exadata V2, a complete solution that includes servers, storage, and networking, is based on Grid Architecture for supporting databases. Grid architecture is the best in the future of running databases for its clever combination of high performance and low cost. Involving these revolutionary, scalable and fault tolerant technologies, this product is truly the world’s fastest database machine.

Techaccess has been the tier one partner of both the vendors, Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation, for the past ten years, making it the obvious differentiator in country. Additionally, the company’s major references in Pakistan and abroad, and a great depth in highly competent technical teams, placed it in an esteemed position to market and provide sales and support services for this new technology with confidence. Techaccess also got the first reference in country on Exadata V2 Date: 2009-12-16

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