Exceptional and unanticipated growth in data and enormous regulatory requirements often lead to mismanaged and underutilized Storage infrastructure concluding unnecessary costs and substantial risks. The impact multiplies itself every few years with the change in Technology and requirements. At Techaccess we have a new evolved concept of Storage Area Networks, i.e. Service Area Networks. These Service Area networks provide virtually everything concerning data that a business needs to manipulate and store, and to control its magnitude. Our storage management solution provides Asset Management, Configuration Management, Consolidation, Automation & Task Simplification, Virtualization, Remote Replication, De-Duplication, and Encryption. We unify management for scalability, availability, tiered storage, data migration, performance Tuning, compliance and regulatory.

With vast experience in the field, pain-point feedback and commitment to excellence in the concept and design, Techaccess ensures a solution that centralizes everything ranging from simple capacity management to highly complex information life cycle management with the best in-class hardware and software in homogenous or heterogeneous storage environment.