Security Policy Development

In todays litigious environment, it is essential that every business or government entity have formal policies and documented employee awareness of those policies. Creation of the security policy is the start of an organizations security and is considered to be most important document.

Comprehensive and well written policies and procedures form the basis of a sound security program. A team of experienced security policy developers is here to do it for you so that you can build an edge over competitors in a secure environment.

Firewall installation and configuration

  • Our team is experienced with several different types of firewalls and can implement:
  • Packet Filtering Firewalls (NetScreen, Cisco, Check Point, Sun Screen, IP Filter etc.)
  • Proxy Firewalls (Gauntlant)
  • Stealth Firewalls (Sunscreen Stealth, NetScreen).
  • We have deployed firewalls for Governments and Financial institutions within and outside Pakistan.
  • We also assess rules currently implemented on your firewall according to your security policy.

You require an environment that is highly secure, available, scalable, and manageable. One of the first steps in achieving this optimum environment is security hardening services for your mission critical servers. Our consultants review and analyze your specific security requirements for the server, develop the build specifications, and implement the server according to the build specification. We do this while integrating your business, technical, and application requirements to achieve a secure IT posture.

Full-time monitored Intrusion Detection is available to sense malicious activity or external attacks as they are happening. You can get the benefit from real-time security analysis and live monitoring by expert security analysts. We can implement both commercial and free network and host based intrusion detection systems.

We can also monitor security of your first tier. Remotely, we can provide 24 x7 or 12 x6 service.

We can provide solutions to filter access to Internet from an organization. Access to Internet can compromise your internal security in more than one way and needs to be monitored, filtered and controlled. We have exclusive agreements with security companies to provide consultancy on their products. We try to deal with best of the breed products in their category, keeping prices in mind. Techaccess provides customized security solutions comprising of several disciplines within security.