Our services offer a diversified range of solutions to our clients. From professional consulting services to managed and remote managed IT assistance, infrastructure enablement and cloud management solutions; we offer everything under the same roof.
Techaccess Pakistan empowers businesses such that they enjoy operational economy, efficiency and sustainability. Where tasks were taking months, our assistance has enabled businesses to complete them in a few hours.
Our offerings are especially tailored to your needs and are classified under the following three verticals:

  1. Consulting
  2. Technology
  3. Outsourcing

Building a stronger and more meaningful IT infrastructure for your business. We lay the map and put you in the right place.


Using the right solutions that match all your business needs and exceed all expectations. The result? Profitability and sustainability optimized.


Establish a fully outsourced IT function. Now you don’t have to worry about anything – we’re here to realize all your business goals.

Techaccess Pakistan has helped businesses boost profitability to new heights. Click to discover more about each of our three verticals, the services we offer and some of our success stories since inception.


Technology won’t help if it is not backed by a sound strategy. We have the right minds that can optimize your usage of systems, data and cloud. This helps you reach new levels of efficiency and enjoy great cost reductions as well.
Our certified IT experts can lay down the foundations of your IT function, clearly highlight all present bottlenecks and provide suggestions to eliminate them once and for all. Be it resource planning or professional IT infrastructure design, Techaccess Pakistan is your number one partner for all your consulting needs.
You might have a billion-dollar idea or a multi-million dollar investment plan, but it needs a well-woven IT strategy to come to reality. This is where Techaccess Pakistan can help. We are here to assist you in all your technological investment decisions.


We’re here to empower your IT function for your business to enjoy the maximum operational efficiency. We do this by building a sound IT strategy and help in implementing it through a set of tactical ideas. Once our strategy is in place, it is your success all the way.
Our solutions do the work while you have all the time to realize growth and profitability. Whether you want to completely renovate your IT infrastructure or want possible recommendations, we are here to help. Let’s make the best use of IT and achieve goals faster, quicker and better.

You might have envisioned growth in the coming years, but how do you plan to achieve set targets? That’s where a sound strategy can help you out. This is the very building brick on which the entire architecture will stand later.
We carefully devise a master plan that is aimed at satisfying all your technological needs. Be it communication, exchange or storage of data; we can provide you a blueprint that will easily take on all the challenges of your work culture.

  • A professionally crafted strategy means you enjoy:
  • Reductions in overhead costs
    Reductions in system failures or malfunctions
    Increase in annual ROI and other profitability ratios
    Better team management, coordination and involvement
An investment plan can only be fruitful if a strong strategy is in place. You define your own destination; we just take you there safely and securely. With the help of technology, your priorities are met the efficient way. This helps you enjoy significant cost savings, leaving you with more to explore.
Our strategy is target-based and detail-oriented. Whatever project, stake or business opportunity you are planning to explore, we can provide you a well-laid plan with the help of IT experts that have more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Architecture is the backbone of the entire IT function. We recommend the best possible solutions for your organization that empower you for increased sustainability and take you one step closer to advancement. Our certified experts carefully weave each solution into the IT fabric of your business for optimum results.
Techaccess Pakistan has over 14 years of success stories in architecture consulting. We have worked with all the leading trade sectors of the region and have provided some of the most well-known entities expert consultation regarding how technology architecture should be woven.

If you have not opted for architecture consulting assistance before, your IT function is certainly not optimized. Think of your IT function as a backbone that is not in its place. Seems painful, and it certainly keeps you from doing what you want.
We fix these hiccups throughout the very bone structure of your IT core. With our experts, you can easily achieve new levels of efficiency and deploy idle systems to get things done quicker and better. An architecture that is established with professional consultation tends to avoid all bottlenecks. This means no equipment is overloaded with tasks while the others are under-utilized.
Whether you are a business that needs a new IT infrastructure from the ground up or an established name that requires assistance, our experts are here to help. We have over a decade worth of experience connecting businesses with the right infrastructure layouts.
Techaccess has a team that has years of experience working in various industries of the region. This means that whatever venture you might be planning, we’re here to ensure you success with your digital future.

There are three major reasons why Techaccess is the best at technology architecture consulting assistance:


No matter how complex your technology needs, Techaccess has the right minds to simplify it and make it easier for you.
We understand how a failure of just one business application or system can mean disaster for your business. This is why you need to ensure that your technology serves your growing needs best. Our experts critically evaluate all bottlenecks in your IT function and suggest various solutions to regulate the workflow. An even workflow means happier employees and this in turn makes you a happier business.

Techaccess is here to ensure that your IT function and the applications are running at their optimal capacity. This means no equipment sits idle, no application is under-utilized and certainly no bottlenecks make exchange of data and information slower.
We are certified professionals from the likes of VMware, Microsoft, Symantec and Huawei and have years of experience optimizing digital cores of businesses over the past number of years. Where regular business tasks would take days and even weeks to complete, with just a little more help from our side, they are now being completed within minutes.
There are limitless possibilities of how a fully-optimized business process would help you grow sustainably and profitably.

A B2C business has to directly serve its customers. If you are one such brand name, chances are long customer queues and never-ending complaints are defragmenting your market share. We devise a blueprint for each architecture, spot out all its weaknesses and suggest the most useful improvements on hand.
This way, each client order is processed at blazing fast speeds with perfect accuracy. An errorless system means no clutter and no complaints. Happier customers means happier you.

We restructure your business process the way you always wanted it to operate. If your business nature is B2B, it is most probably that you require uncompromised control over the exchange of all the information that prevails within the system.
This means there are no imminent threats or loss of valuable data. A securer business environment lets you work flexibly and keeps you at ease.


It’s great that streams of data and information are accessible with the touch of a button, but it’s important that you keep it safe from unauthorized access. You might be an organization that loves to go mobile, but have you considered the significant increase in cyber-attacks as of late?
Whether your business nature is B2C, having to comply with strict data security laws, or B2B that demands extreme confidentiality, our assistance is here to identify threats and eliminate them before they are even realized.
Techaccess has a team of over 200 certified IT professionals that can secure your data using the best of what IT has to offer. We suggest you a complete enterprise security layout which is dependable, reliable and impenetrable. Let’s say goodbye to all your data security issues.

Added security comes with added benefits. Some among them are:

  • Confidentiality of private information maintained
    Full adherence with data security and data protection laws
    Much needed reliability towards each component of the enterprise IT infrastructure
We understand that Enterprise Information Security Architecture has to be uncompromised in order for the technological backbone to operate. This is why we work with leading technology partners to bring forward solutions that keep data secured under any circumstances.
With a dependable EISA, your technological backbone can be operated with added flexibility and ease of use.


You might have set business goals for the coming ten years or even more, but what about the threats that stand in the way? Techaccess understands how important it is for you to continue successfully in the foreseeable future, and our strategies are all that you need.
At Techaccess, we have a five-step analogy to successful Business Continuity Planning:

  • Analysis: to analyze all possible threats and set targets
    Architecture: to ensure our solutions match your needs
    Implementation: jumping in action and eliminating threats
    Testing: calculating effectiveness over time
    Maintenance: empowering businesses for the long-term

We don’t just count external threats, we also deal with internal threats for the better. Our experts have as much as 25 years of vast experience working in the IT sector. With their sound knowledge, your business threats [software-based or hardware-based] are mitigated while you can work towards long-term goals and continue doing business.
Some of the sectors Techaccess Pakistan has helped with BCP assistance include:

Whatever the reason, loss of data has severe consequences on a business. With cyber-threats constantly on the rise, any loss of data can also put the survival of an organization on the line. We are here to help you in any case of emergency for professional data recovery assistance.
Our certified software experts have recovered data from the most distorted files and severely damaged storage mediums. We have the latest tools backed by an award-winning data recovery strategy that will ensure success all the way.
Be it malicious malware, a professional hacker trying to gain unauthorized access or an erroneous bug spread wide inside your system, we are here to help you recover all your files in the most comprehensive manner. Our experts use the latest technology coming from technology leaders from around the globe to recover any loss of your important files and bring your systems back on line.
Our data recovery services include:


Technology is at the forefront of everything we do. Techaccess is all about keeping up with the latest and the most powerful systems, data and cloud management solutions that the world of IT has to offer. Our diversified experience working with the leading organizations belonging to more than 20 different sectors shows how committed we are to bringing the best solutions to the table.
Technology is our most important vertical. With a team of 200 certified IT professionals and growing, Techaccess aims to provide its valuable clients access to sustainable and efficient technological solutions.


Technology is always an economic and more efficient means of getting things done. Techaccess specializes in enterprise computing solutions and effective IT systems management. We have more than 15 business partnerships with some of the biggest IT giants on the globe. These partnerships allow us access to well-designed, well-built and well-structured software and hardware.
Whatever your needs, the solutions that we provide under our umbrella can bring you countless possibilities and solve all your business problems effectively. The Techaccess family has worked on some of the region’s most challenging projects involving end-to-end IT infrastructure enablement. With Techaccess Pakistan as your technology partner, you enjoy optimized work efficiency,

Even the slightest drawbacks in the technological backbone of your organization can have serious impacts. Our experts are here to offer you intuitive solutions to all IT computing related problems. We offer expertise in various areas, such as:

  • Relationship management,
    Database management,
    Cloud setup,
    ERP and CRM systems,
    IT performance management, and
    Reporting and Analytics
With a strong enterprise computing model implemented, each function of your organization can work with greater flexibility and added ease-of-use. Single-software solutions cannot provide you the functionality an advanced computing model can. Our enterprise computing possibilities can offer you advanced operability and access to streams of information on the touch of a button.
We carefully align each vertebrate of your technological backbone starting from the hardware all the way to software applications. With everything in the right place functioning at the right time, our clients benefit from the best computing models that bring down costs and push revenues up.
Our decades of experience in delivering diligent computing solutions has let organizations enjoy optimized work efficiency. Through the right mix of powerful hardware and smart software, we provide businesses an IT function that helps them leap ahead of the competition.

You might have a great IT strategy in check but without a well-integrated system that can store, manage and provide large sets of data to the right person at the right time, you are pretty much scratching the surface of what technology has to offer. For more than a decade, Techaccess Pakistan has empowered businesses by helping organizations – both small-scale and large-scale – in establishing a powerful data management hub.
Data is the core of everything. All that the end-user is able to do is because of data. If it is not effectively managed, chances are you might not be enjoying cost-savings at all. Let Techaccess Pakistan provide you the right solutions to store, manage, process, communicate and share important data.
We have worked on projects that demanded up to 30 Terabytes of data storage consolidation and have successfully provided solutions that are effectively backing our clients’ data banks.

No matter how large your data might be, if you are using the right technology in the right place, everything can be well managed and properly assorted. Big data does not just refer to the storage of data. This process also involves:

  • capture,
    analysis, and
Techaccess Pakistan works with technology leaders to provide businesses excellent solutions that help them in each phase of the process. With our offerings, not just your data is securely stored, it is also handled effectively throughout the communication cycle.
We bring forward solutions that are so smart that big data won’t seem so big after all. Whatever your data limitations might be, Techaccess Pakistan can become your technology partner to help you eliminate any hindrances that are keeping your organization from reaching new heights of sustainability and profitability.
Thanks to our alliances, we are able to provide solutions that assist your data management needs in each part of the process. With our assistance, you capture, search, share, transfer, analyze and visualize streams of data with just the click of a button using the best technology that serves all your requirements.


The world of IT never stops growing. It wasn’t long ago when film storage converted to floppy disk drives, which later took the shape of portable hard drives. Now you can store all the data you will ever have without the need to take any hardware along.
Gone are the days when you would have to plug in flash drives into the USB port; everything is accessed over the internet now. With all your data needs being met at just one click round-the-clock anywhere you go, your digital future is surely in safe hands.
We at Techaccess are proud to share more than a decade worth of success stories centered at

  • Cloud setup,
    Cloud implementation,
    Cloud optimization, and
    Cloud maintenance

With multiple accesses and live editing to the same data being made, your costs go down, efficiency goes up and profitability reaches the next level. It’s time for you optimize business agility and meet communication challenges cost-effectively.

Techaccess Pakistan has a history of providing smart technological solutions that effectively take on the challenges of any IT work culture. Investors all around the globe have started to realize the potential that Cloud holds for future growth and agility. It’s time you think holistically and make technological enhancements that will matter in the future.
Let us bring you the very best of Cloud and build your technology footprint more effectively. We have the partnerships of some of the largest names in technology that provide us access to all the latest technology needed to setup, implement, optimize and maintain Cloud.


CIOs today are realizing that the only way forward is with a sounder Cloud strategy. If you too are facing trouble with running an effective Cloud system in place, we can help. We can provide the technology to easily take on all your IT work culture challenges and satisfy all needs.
With the help of our alliances, we create a Cloud setup from the ground up that is tailored to match all your data storage needs.


The technologies that we use are only the best. You want to reduce communication barriers between you and your customers – we can help. You would also need to handle client complaints faster; let us weave your Cloud space the right way.
Our years of experience working with the best Cloud technologies enables us to devise smarter strategic blueprints and provide uncompromised support round the clock.


It really does matter how you manage information and use up your storage banks. Chances are your information policy is not properly implemented and this results in inefficiencies driving your business away from success step by step.
We spot any such weaknesses in your information connectedness and make it our motive to remove them before they bring any harm to your business. From the very first step starting at the sender’s device all the way to the receiver, your information management should be optimized so that any exchange is secure, fast and highly effective.
Techaccess Pakistan can help you establish the right information management policies and guidelines that ensure its exchange is secure and efficient throughout the communication cycle.


Did you know your ILM systems covers all your information assets in place? This process is a combination of information-related:

  • Processes,
    Practices, and

Our experts work in each of the four components to strengthen the overall ILM backbone of the client. We first draw a clearly defined list of processes so that each procedure has its legal guidelines in place. Then, we move on to establish sound policies that help the business to conduct each procedure in an effective manner.
We then work on best information management practices and the tools needed to make the overall ILM process stand out. With the entire process being empowered, you enjoy reduced costs, improved communication and better control over how all your information is managed.


9 out of 10 CIOs agree that bottlenecks in the ILM process can cause serious disruptions in the communication process. This often results in misunderstandings with vendors, miscommunication with stakeholders and lost customers.
Let us provide your business with the right and solutions that will make handling information easier than ever. We have undertaken projects in some of the most challenging work environments and cut down days of hassle to make it a weekly task.


The benefits an engineered system can bring to an organization are limitless. If you want extreme performance and the maximum efficiency from your technological backbone, these systems are how you can make it possible.
We use the best technology to push through systems that fully integrate with your IT culture. This enables maximum performance soon as the system is powered on. The resulting benefits are increased savings on time and capital.


One great added advantage of engineered systems is the simplicity they bring along. With the complexities of your IT infrastructure solved, you don’t have to appoint additional staff or waste hours just to get the job done. Let these powerhouses deal with all your IT needs and bring you results within seconds.
With our engineered systems offerings, you can boost both innovation and flexibility among your team thus allowing you to connect to your customers better and smarter. Some of the dimensions these technological powerhouses offer assistance in include:
Coordination of processes across the line
Streamlining the product development chain
Simplifying all communication complexities
Helping businesses adhere to standards, laws and regulations


We partner with only the best to bring you topnotch technological solutions. An effective engineered system can help you in countless possibilities and bring your product architecture, development, production, portfolio management, change management and quality management cores to work at the same efficiency level.
With you having the latest technology in place, you get to drive business success your way through a strong technological footprint. Businesses today are not only prioritizing timely exchange of data, but also think holistically to seize any opportunity that is available at hand. Only a dedicated engineered system can bring forward solutions that will make this possible for your business.


Customers demand nothing but the best quality products. With your entire product development process being coordinated under a strong and efficient powerhouse, you will be delivering them what they deserve. All that along with a more effective allocation of scarce resources along the development cycle, eliminated bottlenecks from the production process as well as zero stock-up between engineering batches.


Your organization’s security policy is unarguably one of the most important documents that need to be adhered to. In case of non-compliance, state regulations can intervene and severe consequences may follow. To avoid any such circumstances, you need a strong and well-built network that can withstand any cyber-attacks from within the organization as well as from the outside.
The need for data protection has never been greater. With great technological advancements, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can try and hack into your network and access sensitive data. To ensure you are always complying with all relevant data protection regulations, the security of your network is an absolute must.


Your security policy is not just any piece of paper. It defines how you will keep up to your commitment of protecting sensitive customer data from any unauthorized access. Techaccess Pakistan will take on all the challenges of your networking system and provide smart hardware and software solutions to provide it complete protection from the tip to the end.
Our experts have years of experience in installing, maintaining and overlooking firewalls, antiviruses and other network security programs that can mitigate all threats and provide you a secure network to communicate in.